Viola Violet

Violas are an early blooming plant and are usually grown as an annual. In fact, most people believe they are annuals. The small plants produce a wealth of dainty, clear-faced, fragrant blooms in jewel-like shades of yellow, apricot, blue, scarlet, white and violet.

Viola cornuta 'Blackout'

cornuta 'Blackout'

Viola cornuta 'Halo Sky Blue'

cornuta 'Halo Sky Blue'

Viola cornuta 'Halo Violet'

cornuta 'Halo Violet'

Viola cornuta 'Purple Showers'

cornuta 'Purple Showers'

Viola cornuta 'Starry Night'

cornuta 'Starry Night'

Viola pedata


Viola walteri 'Silver Gem'

walteri 'Silver Gem'

Viola x 'Columbine'

x 'Columbine'

Viola x 'Etain'

x 'Etain'

Viola x 'Irish Molly'

x 'Irish Molly'

Viola x 'Painted Porcelain'

x 'Painted Porcelain'

Viola x 'Penny Denim Jump-Up'

x 'Penny Denim Jump-Up'

Viola x 'Penny Orange Jump-Up'

x 'Penny Orange Jump-Up'

Viola x 'Penny Peach Jump-Up'

x 'Penny Peach Jump-Up'

Viola x 'Penny Yellow Blotch'

x 'Penny Yellow Blotch'

Viola x 'Rebecca'

x 'Rebecca'