The diverse iris genus contains more than 200 distinct species and countless cultivars. Iris is the goddess of the rainbow, and you can find iris blooms in pink, blue, lilac, purple to brown, yellow, orange, almost black, and white. There are no true reds. Many types of iris have fine foliage, whether short or tall, which is a good thing, because the flowers have only a brief period of bloom.

Iris cristata


Iris cristata 'Alba'

cristata 'Alba'

Iris ensata 'Imperial Magic'

ensata 'Imperial Magic'

Iris ensata 'Lion King'

ensata 'Lion King'

Iris ensata 'Mt. Fujiyama'

ensata 'Mt. Fujiyama'

Iris ensata 'Royal Robes'

ensata 'Royal Robes'

Iris ensata 'Variegata'

ensata 'Variegata'

Iris germanica 'Autumn Circus'

germanica 'Autumn Circus'

Iris germanica 'Batik'

germanica 'Batik'

Iris germanica 'Beverly Sills'

germanica 'Beverly Sills'

Iris germanica 'Breakers'

germanica 'Breakers'

Iris germanica 'Buckwheat'

germanica 'Buckwheat'

Iris germanica 'China Dragon'

germanica 'China Dragon'

Iris germanica 'Clarence'

germanica 'Clarence'

Iris germanica 'Edith Wolford'

germanica 'Edith Wolford'

Iris germanica 'Firebreather'

germanica 'Firebreather'

Iris germanica 'Harvest of Memories'

germanica 'Harvest of Memories'

Iris germanica 'Immortality'

germanica 'Immortality'

Iris germanica 'Mariposa Autumn'

germanica 'Mariposa Autumn'

Iris germanica 'Orange Harvest'

germanica 'Orange Harvest'

Iris germanica 'Pink Attraction'

germanica 'Pink Attraction'

Iris germanica 'Pure As Gold'

germanica 'Pure As Gold'

Iris germanica 'Raven Girl'

germanica 'Raven Girl'

Iris germanica 'Rio Rojo'

germanica 'Rio Rojo'

Iris germanica 'Rock Star'

germanica 'Rock Star'

Iris germanica 'Rosalie Figge'

germanica 'Rosalie Figge'

Iris germanica 'Spartan'

germanica 'Spartan'

Iris germanica 'Study in Black'

germanica 'Study in Black'

Iris germanica 'Summer Olympics'

germanica 'Summer Olympics'

Iris germanica 'Swingtown'

germanica 'Swingtown'

Iris germanica 'Victoria Falls'

germanica 'Victoria Falls'

Iris germanica 'Violet Turner'

germanica 'Violet Turner'

Iris pallida 'Variegata'

pallida 'Variegata'

Iris sibirica 'Blue Moon'

sibirica 'Blue Moon'

Iris sibirica 'Butter & Sugar'

sibirica 'Butter & Sugar'

Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Brother'

sibirica 'Caesar's Brother'

Iris sibirica 'Concord Crush'

sibirica 'Concord Crush'

Iris sibirica 'Contrast in Styles'

sibirica 'Contrast in Styles'

Iris sibirica 'Dance and Sing'

sibirica 'Dance and Sing'

Iris sibirica 'Dear Delight'

sibirica 'Dear Delight'

Iris sibirica 'Halcyon Seas'

sibirica 'Halcyon Seas'

Iris sibirica 'Pink Haze'

sibirica 'Pink Haze'

Iris sibirica 'Pink Parfait'

sibirica 'Pink Parfait'

Iris sibirica 'Ruffled Velvet'

sibirica 'Ruffled Velvet'

Iris sibirica 'Sparkling Rose'

sibirica 'Sparkling Rose'

Iris sibirica 'Strawberry Fair'

sibirica 'Strawberry Fair'

Iris sibirica 'White Swirl'

sibirica 'White Swirl'

Iris versicolor