Hemerocallis Daylily

A versatile and dependable perennial that is the backbone of the flower border and effective groundcover for difficult sites. Daylillies will produce large colorful blooms that should be picked once spent to encourage reflowering. Plant in moist, rich soil and divide in spring or fall.

Hemerocallis 'Adorable Tiger'

'Adorable Tiger'

Hemerocallis 'Alabama Jubilee'

'Alabama Jubilee'

Hemerocallis 'Alpha Centauri'

'Alpha Centauri'

Hemerocallis 'Always Afternoon'

'Always Afternoon'

Hemerocallis 'Apricot Sparkles'

'Apricot Sparkles'

Hemerocallis 'Baby Moon Cafe'

'Baby Moon Cafe'

Hemerocallis 'Baja'


Hemerocallis 'Bama Bound'

'Bama Bound'

Hemerocallis 'Barbara Mitchell'

'Barbara Mitchell'

Hemerocallis 'Bela Lugosi'

'Bela Lugosi'

Hemerocallis 'Bertie Ferris'

'Bertie Ferris'

Hemerocallis 'Big Smile'

'Big Smile'

Hemerocallis 'Big Time Happy'

'Big Time Happy'

Hemerocallis 'Bill Fall'

'Bill Fall'

Hemerocallis 'Bitsy'


Hemerocallis 'Black-Eyed Susan'

'Black-Eyed Susan'

Hemerocallis 'Blackthorne'


Hemerocallis 'Blueberry Candy'

'Blueberry Candy'

Hemerocallis 'Bright Sunset'

'Bright Sunset'

Hemerocallis 'Buttered Popcorn'

'Buttered Popcorn'

Hemerocallis 'Canadian Border Patrol'

'Canadian Border Patrol'

Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbury'

'Catherine Woodbury'

Hemerocallis 'Cherokee Star'

'Cherokee Star'

Hemerocallis 'Chicago Apache'

'Chicago Apache'

Hemerocallis 'Chicago Heirloom'

'Chicago Heirloom'

Hemerocallis 'Chorus Line'

'Chorus Line'

Hemerocallis 'Christmas Ribbon'

'Christmas Ribbon'

Hemerocallis 'Collier'


Hemerocallis 'Custard Candy'

'Custard Candy'

Hemerocallis 'Daring Deception'

'Daring Deception'

Hemerocallis 'Early Snow'

'Early Snow'

Hemerocallis 'Earlybird Cardinal'

'Earlybird Cardinal'

Hemerocallis 'Earlybird Oriole'

'Earlybird Oriole'

Hemerocallis 'El Desperado'

'El Desperado'

Hemerocallis 'Elegant Candy'

'Elegant Candy'

Hemerocallis 'Elegant Explosion'

'Elegant Explosion'

Hemerocallis 'Entrapment'


Hemerocallis 'Exotic Candy'

'Exotic Candy'

Hemerocallis 'Fairy Tale Pink'

'Fairy Tale Pink'

Hemerocallis 'Fire King'

'Fire King'

Hemerocallis 'Fooled Me'

'Fooled Me'

Hemerocallis 'Fragrant Returns'

'Fragrant Returns'

Hemerocallis 'Frankly Scarlet'

'Frankly Scarlet'

Hemerocallis 'Funny Valentine'

'Funny Valentine'

Hemerocallis 'Garden Show'

'Garden Show'

Hemerocallis 'Going Bananas'

'Going Bananas'

Hemerocallis 'Grape Magic'

'Grape Magic'

Hemerocallis 'Happy Returns'

'Happy Returns'

Hemerocallis 'Holiday Song'

'Holiday Song'

Hemerocallis 'Hush Little Baby'

'Hush Little Baby'

Hemerocallis 'Hyperion'


Hemerocallis 'Ice Carnival'

'Ice Carnival'

Hemerocallis 'Inwood'


Hemerocallis 'Joan Senior'

'Joan Senior'

Hemerocallis 'Judy Judy'

'Judy Judy'

Hemerocallis 'Just Plum Happy'

'Just Plum Happy'

Hemerocallis 'Lemon Madeline'

'Lemon Madeline'

Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus


Hemerocallis 'Little Grapette'

'Little Grapette'

Hemerocallis 'Lullaby Baby'

'Lullaby Baby'

Hemerocallis 'Majestic Move'

'Majestic Move'

Hemerocallis 'Marque Moon'

'Marque Moon'

Hemerocallis 'Mary Todd'

'Mary Todd'

Hemerocallis 'Mighty Chestnut'

'Mighty Chestnut'

Hemerocallis 'Miss Mary Mary'

'Miss Mary Mary'

Hemerocallis 'Modern Design'

'Modern Design'

Hemerocallis 'Monterey Jack'

'Monterey Jack'

Hemerocallis 'Navajo Princess'

'Navajo Princess'

Hemerocallis 'New Tangerine Twist'

'New Tangerine Twist'

Hemerocallis 'Nosferatu'


Hemerocallis 'Omomuki'


Hemerocallis 'Orange Smoothie'

'Orange Smoothie'

Hemerocallis 'Pandora's Box'

'Pandora's Box'

Hemerocallis 'Pardon Me'

'Pardon Me'

Hemerocallis 'Passion for Red'

'Passion for Red'

Hemerocallis 'Passionate Returns'

'Passionate Returns'

Hemerocallis 'Persian Market'

'Persian Market'

Hemerocallis 'Pewter Pink'

'Pewter Pink'

Hemerocallis 'Pink Abundance'

'Pink Abundance'

Hemerocallis 'Pizza Crust'

'Pizza Crust'

Hemerocallis 'Plum Perfect'

'Plum Perfect'

Hemerocallis 'Prairie Wildfire'

'Prairie Wildfire'

Hemerocallis 'Precious D'Oro'

'Precious D'Oro'

Hemerocallis 'Primal Scream'

'Primal Scream'

Hemerocallis 'Pumpkin Festival'

'Pumpkin Festival'

Hemerocallis 'Purple D'Oro'

'Purple D'Oro'

Hemerocallis 'Rainbow Candy'

'Rainbow Candy'

Hemerocallis 'Rocket City'

'Rocket City'

Hemerocallis 'Romantic Returns'

'Romantic Returns'

Hemerocallis 'Rosy Returns'

'Rosy Returns'

Hemerocallis 'Round Midnight'

'Round Midnight'

Hemerocallis 'Ruby Spider'

'Ruby Spider'

Hemerocallis 'Ruby Stella'

'Ruby Stella'

Hemerocallis 'Ruffled Apricot'

'Ruffled Apricot'

Hemerocallis 'Scottish Fantasy'

'Scottish Fantasy'

Hemerocallis 'Siloam Double Classic'

'Siloam Double Classic'

Hemerocallis 'Siloam Merle Kent'

'Siloam Merle Kent'

Hemerocallis 'Soft Summer Night'

'Soft Summer Night'

Hemerocallis 'South Seas'

'South Seas'

Hemerocallis 'Stella D'Oro'

'Stella D'Oro'

Hemerocallis 'Stellar Double Rose'

'Stellar Double Rose'

Hemerocallis 'Stephanie Returns'

'Stephanie Returns'

Hemerocallis 'Stolen Treasure'

'Stolen Treasure'

Hemerocallis 'Strawberry Candy'

'Strawberry Candy'

Hemerocallis 'Strutter's Ball'

'Strutter's Ball'

Hemerocallis 'Sunday Gloves'

'Sunday Gloves'

Hemerocallis 'Sweet Tart'

'Sweet Tart'

Hemerocallis 'The Jury's Out'

'The Jury's Out'

Hemerocallis 'Wedding Band'

'Wedding Band'

Hemerocallis 'When My Sweetheart Returns'

'When My Sweetheart Returns'

Hemerocallis 'White Temptation'

'White Temptation'

Hemerocallis 'Wineberry Candy'

'Wineberry Candy'