Eryngium Sea Holly

A long-lived plant that is excellent as a cut and dried flower, Eryngium features small florets surrounded by spiny bracts.

Eryngium giganteum


Eryngium planum 'Blue Glitter'

planum 'Blue Glitter'

Eryngium planum 'Blue Hobbit'

planum 'Blue Hobbit'

Eryngium planum 'Jade Frost'

planum 'Jade Frost'

Eryngium planum 'Tiny Jackpot'

planum 'Tiny Jackpot'

Eryngium x 'Blue Jackpot'

x 'Blue Jackpot'

Eryngium x zabelii 'Big Blue'

x zabelii 'Big Blue'

Eryngium x zabelii 'Neptune's Gold'

x zabelii 'Neptune's Gold'