Marigold Calendula

Marigolds are annual flowers that bloom so well over a long season that they've become a mainstay of gardeners everywhere. Marigolds grow best in full sun with moist, well-drained soil, though they will tolerate drier conditions.

Marigold 'Antigua Yellow'

'Antigua Yellow'

Marigold 'Durango Bee'

'Durango Bee'

Marigold 'Durango Bolero'

'Durango Bolero'

Marigold 'Durango Flame'

'Durango Flame'

Marigold 'Durango Tangerine'

'Durango Tangerine'

Marigold 'Janie Bright Yellow'

'Janie Bright Yellow'

Marigold 'Janie Deep Orange'

'Janie Deep Orange'

Marigold 'Janie Mix'

'Janie Mix'

Marigold 'Janie Primrose'

'Janie Primrose'