Lantana is an annual plant that is abundantly covered through the summer with brightly colored blossoms. The shrubby plant comes in garden varieties bearing white, yellow, gold, orange, and red flowers; usually the older flowers in each cluster are a different color than the younger ones.

Lantana 'Bandana Cherry Sunrise'

'Bandana Cherry Sunrise'

Lantana 'Bandana Lemon Zest'

'Bandana Lemon Zest'

Lantana 'Bandana Peach'

'Bandana Peach'

Lantana 'Bandana Red'

'Bandana Red'

Lantana 'Bandana Rose'

'Bandana Rose'

Lantana 'Bandana White'

'Bandana White'

Lantana 'Little Lucky Hot Pink'

'Little Lucky Hot Pink'

Lantana 'Little Lucky Lemon Cream'

'Little Lucky Lemon Cream'

Lantana 'Little Lucky Orange'

'Little Lucky Orange'

Lantana 'Little Lucky Peach Glow'

'Little Lucky Peach Glow'

Lantana 'Little Lucky Pot of Gold'

'Little Lucky Pot of Gold'

Lantana 'Little Lucky Red'

'Little Lucky Red'