Coleus Solenostemon

Coleus have always been a great plant for adding long lasting color to the shade border. As more plants with interesting, colorful foliage are introduced, it becomes easier to design a garden with season-long appeal thanks to this trusty plant.

Coleus 'Big Red Judy'

'Big Red Judy'

Coleus 'Campfire'


Coleus 'Coleosaurus'


Coleus 'ColorBlaze Dark Star'

'ColorBlaze Dark Star'

Coleus 'ColorBlaze Dipt in Wine'

'ColorBlaze Dipt in Wine'

Coleus 'ColorBlaze Kingswood Torch'

'ColorBlaze Kingswood Torch'

Coleus 'Electric Lime'

'Electric Lime'

Coleus 'Henna'


Coleus 'Kong Jr Green Halo'

'Kong Jr Green Halo'

Coleus 'Kong Jr Lime Vein'

'Kong Jr Lime Vein'

Coleus 'Kong Jr Rose'

'Kong Jr Rose'

Coleus 'Kong Jr Scarlet'

'Kong Jr Scarlet'

Coleus 'Kong Mosaic'

'Kong Mosaic'

Coleus 'Kong Red'

'Kong Red'

Coleus 'Kong Rose'

'Kong Rose'

Coleus 'Oxblood'


Coleus 'Peter's Wonder'

'Peter's Wonder'

Coleus 'Redhead'


Coleus 'Under the Sea Bone Fish'

'Under the Sea Bone Fish'

Coleus 'Under the Sea King Crab'

'Under the Sea King Crab'

Coleus 'Under the Sea Lime Shrimp'

'Under the Sea Lime Shrimp'

Coleus 'Under the Sea Red Coral'

'Under the Sea Red Coral'

Coleus 'Under the Sea Sea Weed'

'Under the Sea Sea Weed'

Coleus 'Vino'