Cardinal Flower Lobelia

Excellent plants for wet sites that receive partial shade, Lobelia will produce tall, narrow flower spikes. It can be short lived but self sows readily. Apply a light mulch for winter protection.

Lobelia 'Laguna Compact Blue with Eye'

'Laguna Compact Blue with Eye'

Lobelia 'Laguna Sky Blue'

'Laguna Sky Blue'

Lobelia 'Laguna White'

'Laguna White'

Lobelia 'Lucia Dark Blue'

'Lucia Dark Blue'

Lobelia 'Riviera Marine Blue'

'Riviera Marine Blue'

Lobelia 'Techno Heat Dark Blue'

'Techno Heat Dark Blue'

Lobelia 'Techno Heat Electric Blue'

'Techno Heat Electric Blue'

Lobelia 'Techno Heat Light Blue'

'Techno Heat Light Blue'

Lobelia 'Techno Heat Upright Blue'

'Techno Heat Upright Blue'

Lobelia 'Techno Heat Upright Dark Blue'

'Techno Heat Upright Dark Blue'

Lobelia 'Techno Heat Upright Light Blue'

'Techno Heat Upright Light Blue'

Lobelia 'Techno Heat Upright Purple'

'Techno Heat Upright Purple'

Lobelia 'Techno Heat Upright White'

'Techno Heat Upright White'

Lobelia 'Techno Heat White'

'Techno Heat White'